Its always hard to invite all friends on Facebook one by one, specifically to increase  Facebook fan page supporters to improve as well as the thought was to propose friends and family to Like your Facebook Fan Page. In case you’re in possession of an enormous number of Facebook Friends, you may discover that it’s difficult to pick them all one by one. There aren’t many tricks that will allow you choose all buddies at one go, and that is an enormous time saver whenever you’re in possession of a long record of Friends on Facebook. Lately I found a Chrome expansion which makes inviting all Facebook Friends to enjoy a page a slice of cake.

I’m certain you’re totally tired of that clicking on invitation button over and over again. In this blog post, I teach you new way to invite All Buddies on Facebook in a single click?

Step-by-step guide how to Encourage All Friends on Facebook in a single click:

I am going to cover most of the details with pictures. So simply abide by these steps and get cleared of encouraging all your Facebook friends of that time intensive job.

# 1 – In Chrome Web Store, Search & Add Extension “Invite all Friends on Facebook” then click  Install ‘Add to Chrome’.

Invite All Friends on Facebook


# 2 – Go to page or the event in which you would like to encourage buddies and family as well as click this icon:

# 3 – Simply wait for sometime till it sends invitation to your entire buddies:

# 4 – Its Done, Invitation sent to all of your Friends

Convinced after looking over this article you’re going to find this extension useful. After utilizing the extension you’ll receive notification for it, the standing can be given by you to the extension. This is actually the most easy way to encourage all Facebook buddies at the same time. I am certain those that have tremendous Facebook friends list will adore this addon that is chrome. You may want to see 5 tricks to develop a Facebook fan page that is favorite. Do not forget to join us on Facebook. I.e been applying this Chrome add on for some time & never had any problem.

You have to be understanding how difficult it’s to look for a working answer should you happen to be looking for invitation all Facebook addon. Well, this one WOn’t disappoint you & I hope it continues to work. One matter that you’ve to know, in the event that you’ve tremendous Facebook Friends list, then you could be blocked to sent invitation again for several hours once you’ve sent more than 1000 buddies an invitation. Do not forget to share your viewpoints in the comment box and also because share this post on social network and with your buddies, I share, let us make the world conscious.