I’m excited to introduce Part One of your three
part webinar series with six-figure marketing pro
and internet marketer Katie Freiling.
Katie Freiling is a multiple six-figure earner in her opportunity.
She’s also had amazing success as an affiliate marketer,
blogger, and social media coach.
In Part One of this exciting three part webinar
you’ll learn:
• Katie’s 6 pillars to building a social media empire even if
you’re completely “clueless” and have never made a single
sale online.
• The 5 biggest mistakes that most network marketers
make when using social media to grow their businesses,
and how to avoid them completely.
• How you can leverage social media to attract a massive
following using Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and even (gasp!)
• Why Katie believes that starting her blog was one of the
most pivotal moments in her career. (And why it can totally
change your life forever too!)
• How to build a personal (and profitable) brand around your
passions and unique talents and become a “magnet” for new
• Katie’s viral “content syndication” strategies and how you can
generate free, automated, and very high-quality leads every
• Why blogging is absolutely essential to your social media
success and how to use it for branding, free traffic, and
automated relationship building.
• How to build a lifelong following of fanatical fans to leverage
over time – and how to leverage your “following” to generate
multiple streams of income.
• How Katie started to generate 20-100+ leads a every day
for free and why she believes you can do it too. (This
was when she was just starting out!)
• How top Internet marketers make as much as $40,000+ in a
single week. In fact, Katie generated $31,000 with her very
first product launch in under 2 hours!
• What Google “Social Circle” Search is and how you can use
it to attract targeted leads to your business.
• 7 Reasons why you need to get into the social media
marketing game right now. (Nope, it’s not just about totally
free web traffic and leads!)
• How to get ranked on Google — without having to pay
anything at all — even if you don’t have a clue about search
engine marketing.